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The Hatred of God

Keith Keyser In modern colloquial English the word “hate” is commonly used to mean something far weaker than its dictionary definition. People often say “I hate traffic jams,” or “I hate the Dallas Cowboys.” What they usually mean by such statements is that they dislike such phenomena or people. When God uses the word, however,…

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Kicking Against The Goad

James Stalker It was the persecutor?s hope utterly to exterminate Christianity. But little did he understand its genius. It thrives on persecution. Prosperity has often been [nearly] fatal to it, persecution never. “They that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word” (Acts 8:4). Hitherto the Church had been confined within the walls of Jerusalem;…

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Hold Fast…Sound Words

Jim Upton "If a word means anything, it means something" a wise friend once said. Think about it. Serious writers select words carefully, perhaps painstakingly, so they convey just the right thought. God was a serious writer when He wrote the Scriptures; each word was exactly the right one for the meaning He wanted to…

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