First John

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The Purpose of the Letter

  • So that you know the truth in opposition to the seducers (2:26), so that your joy may be full (1:4) in understanding that being a believer in the name of the Son of God assures your eternal life (5;13) thus securing your understanding so you stand unashamed before God (2:28).

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The Epistolic Thought Flow and Church Relationships

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Refering to IreneQ’s post once more::

?church is all about relationships (something my previous pastor has always said) and that in cell groups you get to build those relationships — and it’s those relationships which will keep you in the church and help you to feel a part of it.

I am forced to examine this idea of basing the local gathering completely on relationships. It is something that many Christians have been falling into as of late, both the churched and the unchurched.

The following overviews reflect the writings of Paul to local gatherings, or churches if you will.

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The Book of Romans–Part 2 (v1-2) A Slave of Christ

Let us continue this next section by leaning on the Lord for guidance and understanding in this study.

We left off making some preliminary commentary on the righteousness
of God defended in the book of Romans, or in other words, how God is
justified or declared right. Before we enter the courtroom of the book
of Romans, let us look at some peripheral details of the letter itself.

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The Book of Romans–Introduction to a Study on God being Justified

We begin with the knowledge and understanding that we will rely on the Lord for guidance in this study. It’s been my hope for a while to have some in-depth Bible studies in the Archive, but I have encountered several problems.

Firstly, when it comes to an actual book study, I really haven’t been able to write out my thoughts in that sort of ?article? format. Normally, I would just pin up one of the outlines I’ve worked out, but that has been looking horrid. All in all, it offers no real learning besides a skeletal overview at the very best. No, an actual study had to be worked on and would inevitably have to be in an essay format.

Secondly, I’ve found it much easier to do an article on some ?hot? topic. You take something you feel a passion for and go with it?it basically writes itself. When you decide ?Let’s study the book of Leviticus? some people may not be too excited.

Which leads to my third problem on subject matter. Obviously, we’ll be doing one of 66 books, but which one? I spoke to some of my geek friends about it and they suggested everything from Ecclesiastes to Revelation and someone mentioned Song of Solomon and I’ll let you figure that one out. I’ve been studying Galatians fairly in-depth and started considering that perhaps that would be the book to share. As I wrote out my notes I realized that Galatians (although written earlier) has a lot of information that is expanded upon in the book of Romans.

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The Gospel of Christ: The Promise

Randy Amos

Chronicle number one of God?s gospel dealt with the great problem man has before God: he is guilty of sin and condemned. Chronicle number two dealt with God?s Savior: not a philosophy or a religious program but a unique Person, the son of God and the son of man, Jesus the Lord. Chronicle number three looked at the performance necessary to satisfy God for our sins against Him. It was not our performance of today but Christ?s performance of yesterday. And the performance was not the manger, mount of beatitudes nor miracles but the cross: redemption by blood.