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Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Most of the time, I don’t add anything to the conversations regarding
disasters. I don’t think my small voice can really add to what’s
already being said. In all honesty, I often feel disconnected from
these disasters or wars (etc.) and wind up not dwelling on them much.
Daniel Schorr’s editorial got to me though—not that he said anything
smart, but rather that he asked the old question “Why do bad things
happen?” while using it cast intelligent design in a bad light. You can
look at Abednego’s post regarding the argument, which I’m not dealing
with. Mostly, I’m thinking about the bad things and sharing why I think
they happen.


Wacky Scripture? -tmp(Mark 16:9-20)

Recently someone asked me a question about verses that “sound really weird”. I could understand
the concern—especially when you find yourself listening to some
charismatic speaker (repeatedly) justifying his position from one verse
in Scripture. Sure, its bad form to do that sort of thing, but it still
leaves you wondering—what’s the deal with those verses in italics or
between the brackets in your Bible and do we need them?