How To Study Your E-Bible

A series covering how to study with digital resources.

  1. How To Read An E-Bible For Studying
  2. How to Read A Bible Outside Your Comfort Zone
  3. How To Do A Parallel Bible Reading
  4. How To Take E-Notes
  5. How To Come Up With Your Own Bible Headings
  6. How To Do A Word Study
  7. Why Use A Commentary
  8. How to Buy A Commentary
  9. How To Use A Commentary
  10. Case Study: Best Commentaries for Studying Romans
  11. Thinking Theologically About Taking Notes
  12. How to Take Notes
  13. Do You Really Need to Take Notes?

My WordPress Won’t Let Me Edit Articles (fixed)

I’ve been plagued with this problem for about two weeks now. I could write a post, I could publish it: but it would never show the information in the content field. The only thing that would publish would be the title, the tags and the categories. I could write comments and I could even delete entire posts: but I just couldn’t edit them. If I went into the edit field, I could type but once I clicked save the edits would dissappear.

Another sign of this problem was that I couldn’t switch to code mode: it was always stuck on visual editor. After some heavy searching I found two fixes, one safer than the other.

personal stump

Stump The Chump: Remote

God is the Remote Control and we are the televisions.


God is the Remote Control and we are the televisions. He’s in control of everything we do.

Ah. But what about when you’re bad?

God is still the Remote Control.

But Sy, you’re responsible when you do bad. You are responsible. Laura, why am I having a conversation about divine sovereignty and human responsibility with my five year old?

I don’t know.

You know what happens when we’re bad?

What Sy?

God turns off the TV.

apologetics stump

Stump The Chump 01

I get a lot of email but most of it is spam. But some are from innocent bystanding readers who’ve witnessed a Rey-Post-Astrophe and had some questions. More often than not, these folk drop me a line and I stammer out an answer but some questions have come up often enough that I feel confident in rewording the questions and sharing my general response sharing my response and Putting It Out There as an Old Testament witness (you know, where you hiss as you walk by the ashes of a blog and see the goatlings prancing about and not even the Spammers make their home there since its so devoid of life). As homage to Click and Clack, here is my first Stump the Chump question plus response: If Adam and Evil were tricked by the Devil—why did they get in trouble?


Religion and Righteousness -tmp(James 1:26-27)

Is surpassing the righteousness of the Pharisees all that hard ({{Matt
5:20}})? A group of conniving murderers who bribe people to get what
they want? No problem, right?