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How People Are Allured By False Teaching

Here is an old joke that I vaguely remember my Father using: People tell me that on every public bus there is always one nut-job. A complete wacko. An absolute loon. Look around, they’d say, and you’ll always find one. So I keep riding the bus to find out, constantly looking for the one nut-job. I could never find him.

I’m going to be honest here. Just like the joke about being the one nut-job, I’m afraid of being the false teacher Scripture warns about. It is a creeping fear crowding behind me right up until I walk towards the pulpit.  Then, even when I open my mouth, I can feel the fear behind me whispering a warning: don’t fall into the false teacher’s trap.

Now, don’t start telling everyone “Rey says he’s a false teacher.” Hear me out.

The reason for my fear is that false teaching has an attractive pull in (at least) two directions. It not only draws hearers but it’s attractive to those who are handling the truth. And because it’s strong allure, I think it’s more pervasive than we think.


A Tiny Portion of the Legacy of David Reid

Back on January 31, 2012, 74 Year old David Reid went home to the Lord because of a skiing accident. For most people who read this site, that name doesn’t mean anything. In all honesty, I didn’t know David Reid myself. He didn’t know me, either. I’ve bumped shoulders with plenty of people that knew him, but him and me we never talked.

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How To Save Money Right Now

Recently at a sort-of tech-related Christian meta-blog called Digital Sojourner, I wrote a series of articles on the perfect PC Bible. In one of the posts I mentioned that you can’t just up and buy a laptop: you need to research, you need to plan, and you need to save.

But how can a Christian, or anybody really, save money to buy a car, or a house, or get an engagement ring or whatever? If I were a bit less me, I’d say it this way: how can a Christian be a good steward of his or her money? Too often our purchasing habits are restricted to seasonal shopping (because we think that’s when we deserve it) or to an impulse buy with the intent to pay things back at a later date.

Now mind you, my pocket is tight. With three homeschooled kids and a recent move to a more expensive neighborhood, and a salary that is still short of what I made several years ago, finances are rough. I write this post for myself; feel free to look over my shoulder.

So here are a lucky fourteen ways, in no particular order, that you can save money, right now.

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Who Should Be Watching Watchmen

No Spoilers.

The movie is very human and adult. Christians might think I’m referring to the violence, or the sex, and I should address those things up front because I’m really not talking about those things at all.

It was exceedingly violent; don’t expect otherwise. The violence was on par with a zombie flick or Grindhouse. The sexual content was graphic. Not Basic Instinct graphic but pretty darn close. You will be exposed to full frontal male (non-sexual) nudity.

The movie was long.  Clocking in at two hours and forty five minutes total film time (that’s to the end of the scrolling credits) a person needs to realize that they’re not merely watching a story, they’re watching the formulation of a question.


12 Drummers Drumming Awful Christmas Songs

Anyone who has ever worked with me knows that sometime around September fifteenth I begin listening to Christmas music and don’t stop until late January. Anyone who is close to me knows that my Christmas tree goes up on Black Friday and comes down sometime after Valentine’s Day. I have no problem telling everyone that I love Christmas on so many levels.

Theologically its the part of the story where we get closer to the climax (of the Cross on Easter). Holiday wise, everybody seems happier (even if they’re busier and the stores are ridiculously crowded). Musically stations take a breather from the normal junk and some of them actually devote a month to Christmas music! You can hear it everywhere.

But some of it is tremendously awful and its the one of the two things that I hate about the Christmas Season. This year I decided to compile a list of the 12 “Awfullest” Awful Christmas Music for your listening displeasure. Feel free to Despise.