The Great Resignation of the Local Church: A Review of the Pandemic and The Enduring Culture of Change

This is a sort of rambling look-back at the last two years and an encouragement for Christians to pause and reconsider outside of their circumstances and by looking at the broader picture. This look-back begins early in 2020, when society underwent a change akin to a pressure cooker.

For those who don’t know, a pressure cooker is a sealed pot that uses pressurized steam forcing food to cook faster. It’s great because the elements in the pot are all forced to cook together to create something that is a unique blend of the different flavors. Thing is, too much pressure and the pot can cause catastrophic damage. It’s so much pressure that you have to slowly release the steam so that you can manually open the pot.

That happened to all of us in 2020.

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Who Should Be Watching Watchmen

No Spoilers.

The movie is very human and adult. Christians might think I’m referring to the violence, or the sex, and I should address those things up front because I’m really not talking about those things at all.

It was exceedingly violent; don’t expect otherwise. The violence was on par with a zombie flick or Grindhouse. The sexual content was graphic. Not Basic Instinct graphic but pretty darn close. You will be exposed to full frontal male (non-sexual) nudity.

The movie was long.  Clocking in at two hours and forty five minutes total film time (that’s to the end of the scrolling credits) a person needs to realize that they’re not merely watching a story, they’re watching the formulation of a question.