12 Drummers Drumming Awful Christmas Songs

Anyone who has ever worked with me knows that sometime around September fifteenth I begin listening to Christmas music and don’t stop until late January. Anyone who is close to me knows that my Christmas tree goes up on Black Friday and comes down sometime after Valentine’s Day. I have no problem telling everyone that I love Christmas on so many levels.

Theologically its the part of the story where we get closer to the climax (of the Cross on Easter). Holiday wise, everybody seems happier (even if they’re busier and the stores are ridiculously crowded). Musically stations take a breather from the normal junk and some of them actually devote a month to Christmas music! You can hear it everywhere.

But some of it is tremendously awful and its the one of the two things that I hate about the Christmas Season. This year I decided to compile a list of the 12 “Awfullest” Awful Christmas Music for your listening displeasure. Feel free to Despise.