My WordPress Won’t Let Me Edit Articles (fixed)

I’ve been plagued with this problem for about two weeks now. I could write a post, I could publish it: but it would never show the information in the content field. The only thing that would publish would be the title, the tags and the categories. I could write comments and I could even delete entire posts: but I just couldn’t edit them. If I went into the edit field, I could type but once I clicked save the edits would dissappear.

Another sign of this problem was that I couldn’t switch to code mode: it was always stuck on visual editor. After some heavy searching I found two fixes, one safer than the other.

Option 1: Not Very Safe

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE an .htaccess in your wp-admin/ directory:

create a text file on your desktop:

put the following inside it:

<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecFilterInheritance Off

save the file.

Upload the file to your wp-admin directory.

Rename the uploaded file to .htaccess (with the .)

IF YOU DO HAVE an .htaccess in your wp-admin/ directory:

Edit it:

<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecFilterInheritance Off

save the new .htaccess

Option 2: Much Safer and focused directly on the problem:

I went ahead and edited my .htaccess in my root directory and added this:

<Files index-extra.php>
SecFilterInheritance Off

That fixed my problem. I didn’t want to turn off mod_security for the entire wp-admin folder, so this way just turns it off for index-extra.php file.

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  1. every time I try to put something in the field where the article goes and click “save” it erases it all. It won’t let me see my post in code mode or anything.

    really annoying.

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