Angry Test Post

There is no reason but an unknown one.

A specific folder in my server (the blog folder) for some reason left the content folder password protected to no one and the main blog folder needed to be chmodded all the way down to the core to allow certain actions: I don’t know why. It’s not like I’ve done any changes or even sneezed near my blog yet for some reason it up and blocked me for weeks.

A Calvinist would say that this was predetermined. An Arminian would say that if I persevered I would’ve come through this all right. A Calminian would say “Can’t we all get along?” A Dispensationalist would’ve pointed out that it was a judgment on my blog that ended the Last Age. A Covenant Theologian would point out that the new stage of my blog is merely a further revelation of the Old therefore many of the elements are the same if not completely transposed spiritually. A Traditionalist would say that I should be motivated to post only in Psalms while a Contemporary-ist (?) would say that I should lift up my voice with the timbrel and dance.

Either way, I think I’m back in business. Blogging to resume on the morrow.

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