A Sad Comparison of Death in The United States

An infographic that illustrates the comparison of specific kinds of death between 2001 and 2011. All data has come from the CDC.

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Philosophy Fridays: Jewish Humans vs the Authority of the State

You. Yes, you: I’m speaking to you. Chris T.N, come here.

Yes, Herr Nacht C.?

Do not be afraid. I just wish to speak. Why is it that you seek to impose your religious values on the politics of the State? Do you not believe in the separation of Church and State?

That’s a lot to respond to, Herr. May I ask, good Herr, what is the context of the question?

Nein. I’ll ask you simple questions and I will proceed to show how you demand your religious values over the State.

Okay, that is fair…

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The Elderly: The Final Solution

ABSTRACT: With a growing population, and thus a negative impact on our resources, I suggest the termination of the senescent, labeled as geripragmus1, under proper stipulations and enforcement.

ARTICLE: What has been oft left unstated in our modern day political campaigns especially in regards to the economy and finances is that no small amount of cutting will properly address the United States’, much less global, fiscal problems. Governments around the world are noting that their economical problems can’t be easily addressed by slightly more taxes or reducing only a portion of some miscelanous spending—what is needed is something that addresses the very core of the issue: the problem of the senescent.


Prayer Mondays: The Pre-Born

Barring my faulty memory (and if I’m not lazy) I want to post prayers on Monday from all over Church History and then throughout the modern day, and then my own. This one comes from Fr. Terry Gensemer found here at the Circle of Prayer site.

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Abortion as the Lesser Evil

No comments on this just now, just the article and a link to Mohler.

Yes, Abortion is Killing