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Jonah “All Your Anglicans Are Belong To Us”?

Metropolitan Jonah welcomed the New Anglican Province with open arms in a desire to unify Anglicanism and the Orthodox Church. He also offered some things that must be fixed before a full reconciliation between both should occur.

1) Full affirmation of the orthodox Faith of the Apostles and Church Fathers
2) Full affirmation of the the seven Ecumenical Councils
3) Full affirmation of the Nicene Creed in its original form (without the filioque)
4) Full affirmation of all seven Sacraments
5) Rejection of ‘the heresies of the Reformation.” (which include Calvinsm, anti-sacramentalism)
6) Rejection of iconoclasm (image breaking) and Gnosticism
7) Rejection of The ordination of women to the Presbyterate

The reconciliation pointers were, in my opinion, so over the top that I doubt the ACNA would go for it and Jonah likely knows that. I mean, he essentially said “If we can be Orthodox together, you guys will have to become Orthodox”. The speech was met with applause, cheers, and a proposed constitution with none of the suggested changes.

Video after the jump. I’m still looking for a transcript (since I don’t want to transcribe it myself)