Local Leaders in Community

I have my tri-fold assumptions in place: (1) the church is made up of people; (2) that the church could only come into being after certain historical requirements were in place; and (3) that the church’s leadership is divine—God is the church’s true leader. The goal of the church is found in glorifying God via […]

The Once And Future Church

Churches (and what I mean by this is the local manifestation of the Universal Church but I’ll refer to them for now on as assemblies) have lost focus of the Gospel.No, I don’t mean that they don’t know what it is or that they’re preaching it or that they even support it: but it has […]

Is Campus Crusade A Local Church?

“The way you’re sitting: you’re still not so sure about what I’m saying….” “Well yes. I mean at first it sounded like you were making a very narrow distinction about what a local church is. Then you basically say all churches are crippled–.” “Well most anyway. I can’t really prove all.” “Fine, so most. But […]

Examples of The Crippled Church

I wanted to illustrate the main point from my last post: that any gathering of Christians might still be an ekklesia albeit horribly crippled. Up front I wanted to make my point clearer—I think we’ve restricted the meaning of the Local Church to center around a building or a specific service but have ignored the […]