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How Cell Phones, Clothing and Movies Can Be Used For the Gospel

A while back I did a post where I attacked the position that one must dress up for church. But there was one workaround I purposefully ignored in light of its complexities. “Since it is true that I don’t have to dress up for Church to impress God”, says a reader,” therefore I can dress how I want.” The first half of the answer to this sort of response deals with the subject of modesty and gender specific clothing—a topic I’m not planning to get into in this post. The second half of the answer deals with how we use what we wear.

This doesn’t only apply to clothing. There’s nothing in Scripture against movies (well, certain kinds of movies anyway) but movies can also fall under the usage I plan to explain here. There’s nothing in Scripture against cell phones, iPods, video game systems, cartoons or cheerios either—but all of these will fall underneath the same header: Things that can one can use to illustrate the Gospel.

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Dressing Up For Church?

The argument goes something like this: The Bible says that where two or three are gathered there is Jesus in the midst of them (Matt 18:20). That indicates that a gathering of two or three includes the very important presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. People wear their best clothes when they meet someone Important (like if one had a meeting with the President). This indicates that the esteem put on the person justifies the better clothing. Christ is more Important than anyone and to be greater esteemed. Therefore, when going to any meeting of the church a person should wear their best clothes.