Church vs. One of the Great Enemies

By Scott L: Guest Blogger In my last article, Defeating the ‘Hi and Fine’, I continued looking more at what God meant when He meant church, that is, when He meant us, the people of God, the body of Christ. The challenge is that, as we move past the simple conversations on Sunday’s consisting of […]

Church and Defeating the ‘Hi and Fine’

By Scott L: Guest Blogger I want to go back to the reference in my last post in regards to the ‘Hi and Fine’ conversation. It went something like this: Frank: How are you?Ted: I’m fine. How are you?Frank: I’m fine. How is your wife?Ted: Oh, she’s fine.Frank: How are your children?Ted: Oh, they’re fine.Frank: […]

Church 102 – A Further Step Forward

By Scott L: Guest Blogger So, I have now trodden the well-worn theological path of what is, or WHO is, the church. I put forth that the Greek New Testament word for ‘church’ is ekklesia. It simply means a ‘called out people’. Biblically, church is not a building, a day of the week, or great […]