Philosophy Friday: Consensus Today

Near-anonymity of nebulous connections exalts appearance over substance; just because someone “Likes” you, or comments, doesn’t mean you are read, understood, or right.

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Was Jesus Upset About Santa? (Just Like You)

The other day a fellow brother in the Lord was thinking through some things. He wondered if Jesus ever believed something that wasn’t true and was he upset when he found out it wasn’t true. Specifically, he wondered what happened to Jesus when he found out that Santa wasn’t real. Since error in knowledge is part and parcel of being human would Jesus have been exempted from this very real sorrow?


Philosophy Fridays: Am I Here?

Every now and then, on a Friday, I’ll step into the deep waters of Philosophy, ramble on about some idea and maybe even interact with something I might be reading. Most of the time, a real philosopher could probably read my drivel and speak into it offering a corrective—but for now I’ll speak from ignorance. After all, it is Friday; what better way to have fun than with philosophy. In this post I’ll answer the question “Am I Here?” referring to you the reader, not me Rey, in under 700 words. Heh.