Modern Prophetic Fallibility

I am a cessationist insofar as all the gifts of the spirit are NOT (edit) in full operation today as they were in the early Church, but I am a continuationist in regard to “new” areas where the Gospel is being preached. I think that Holy Spirit purposefully functions in this capacity where the Gospel […]

Jedism vs. Christianity

If you think about it, religion is just what the human soul acts like when God is around. And just like gravity is everywhere, people can’t really escape from religion. Of course, people react differently according to how they act to whatever situation…but they still react. Thing is, people’s reaction to God can only go […]

…And Christians Aren’t Jedi Knights

In the last post, I laid down some thinking that if the Holy Spirit works in a special way that He will make sure that the message is authenticated. I did that to start answering the contention that Christians are to make decisions based on an interior still voice (that sounds different from themselves but […]

The Holy Spirit Isn’t The Force

“Of course,” says the believer with rightful bluster, “The Holy Spirit is the third divine person of the Godhead and therefore not some mindless force.” But then, even though we seem to agree, their actions (and speech) hint at something else. I keep hearing Christians say they’re being led by the spirit to: move to […]