Public vs. Private and Moral Superiority

I wound up summarizing my series on illegal immigration with some of the solutions consisting of public policy implemented at the governmental level and then some vocational wisdom that is likely the only real world activity we can practically implement. The problem with some of solutions I gave is in what I didn’t say resulting […]

My E-Book On Immigration For You: Free

[singlepic id=1 w=300 h= float=]It’s pithy, it’s mostly blog posts converted into book format, the design is thrown together, and the author (me) stinks. Either way, I decided to compile all of my Illegal Immigration and American Christianity’s Respons series into an e-book that you can download and print out or read on anything that […]

My Summarizing Thoughts on Illegal Immigration

I’ve arrived at the point of this series where I’m expected (of myself, of course) to systematize all I’ve covered and come up with immigration reform in America. I’ve looked at the subject about every which way: I’ve examined the problems; I’ve worked through a thought model based on the Old Testament; I’ve looked at […]

Reasons For Civil Disobedience

A very busy week ago, I was struggling with the Christian’s response to the illegal immigration issue. I must apologize up front: this post is long. There was no way that I could divide this post into three posts without breaking the thought-flow, so I didn’t. Instead, I split it up with headers so that […]