Russ on Irresistible Grace

Rather than starting every article with a joke, I decided to use a real life story which, often times, can be funnier than any joke.

I have a three year old son whose chief delight is playing in either dirt or mud. So much so, that we have needed to place limitations on his mud-playing. For instance, since we generally don’t allow him to play outside when it is wet and rainy, he found that he needed a source of water for his mud-making. So, he would often find a bucket, turn on the faucet that is outside our house, fill the bucket and go off to his mud-making. Of course, once his use for the faucet was over, it was forgotten, and rather than shutting it off, within a short amount of time we would have gallons of water flowing down our driveway. To remedy this, we placed rather strict parameters on the use of the outside faucet (i.e. NO usage except with Dad or Mom’s permission)…