Knowing that Our Triune God is Just

One of the earliest questions in the bible is if the Judge of the Earth is just? This is in the context of bad things possibly about to happen to good people. The answer is repeated throughout all of Scripture. God, in all three persons, is just.

  • God is impartial (Acts 10:34) and not unjust (Heb 6:10) never showing favoritism (Col 3:25)
  • The Son is just (righteous) giving himself for the unjust (1 Pet 3:18)
  • The Holy Spirit convicts the world of judgment (John 16:8, 11)

Christ wonderfully points out the extent of God’s justice. The Father is just in that he renders the authority to judge men to a man: the Son who came as a man! (John 5:22). Therefore, says the Holy Spirit through Paul, no one can bring a charge against God’s people because God is the one who declares who is just. And no one can condemn Christ’s people because Christ is the one who justly intercedes for his people.

This gives us hope that God will rightly deal with all the injustices of the past. Praise the Lord: God is just!