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Do You Really Need To Take Notes?

In all honesty, a post like this can be counterproductive. I’ve argued for two posts that there should be some theological methodology for taking notes and that there are some goals while taking notes. In this post, I want to point out that none of this is really necessary and that might wind up cancelling…

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Thinking Theologically About Taking Notes

In the How to Study Your E-Bible series, I listed digital tools for note-taking with respective methods (recording mp3’s, outlines, etc). I mentioned that the process should be easy, accessible, and personal but in this first of three posts I wanted to highlight seven points of a theological methodology for note-taking.

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Non-Systematic System of Study

I don’t do Systematic Bible Studying. Not that I can’t but when I sit down, pray about what I want to do and then study a topic, deducing the conclusion based on the overall whole of those verses and commentators?it leaves me nervous. I find that it leads to way too much proof-texting. Instead, I…

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