Knowing the Triune God Who is Spirit and Can Access Anywhere

Our Triune God, in His nature, is spirit. This means that the triune God isn’t made of physical stuff. Jesus explained this when He spoke to a woman from Samaria. He taught her that God is not limited to a specific place in time and space.

  • Jesus said, “God is spirit, and when we worship Him, we must worship in spirit and truth” (John 4:24).

When Jesus came back to life after His death, He told His followers that a spirit is different from what they were seeing:

  • He said, “A spirit doesn’t have a body that can be touched!” (Luke 24:39).

Some people may think that God is like a cloud or a ghost from a movie, but those ideas are wrong. When we say that God is spirit, it means that He is not like anything we can imagine. Physical things have limits, but spirit is limitless. Physical things can be hidden from our sight, but spirit doesn’t need to be seen to be there. The Bible tells us the truth:

  • God cannot be seen (1 Timothy 1:17)
  • No one has ever seen God (John 1:18)  
  • God is immortal (Isaiah 31:3)

Don’t jump ahead and think about Jesus becoming a human just yet! Know that because God is spirit, He can be present everywhere, at any time, always. This means that no matter how lonely or hopeless we feel, God sees us (Genesis 16:13). No matter how quiet our voice may be, He hears us (1 Peter 3:12)! No matter where I am, God is there with me (Psalms 139)! These facts should bring us to our knees to worship the greatness of our invisible God.

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…But Christians Are Something New

This is long. I could have extended this as part of a series but the thought flow necessitated one long post, so I apologize. Three thousand, eight hundred words longer than any other post I write but I figured that since no one is reading, I figure I could just put this all out there with my thought flow in place. Those who do actually read this are to be commended.

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The Holy Spirit

Every Christian knows about the Holy Spirit. He’s the guy who helps you preach, right? Or maybe, he’s the guy that wakes you up at night so you can feel lousy about the Cheesecake you had during your promised fasting period? Or is he the guy who teaches you how to pray? Every Christian really knows who the Holy Spirit is, right?