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What Christians Should Know (And Do) About the Gosnell Case

This post will be gruesome and depressing.  Not because I am making it more gruesome or more depressing but because the case just is that evil.

I’ve lost sleep reading about the Grand Jury report. I’m crying. It’s probably the most evil thing I’ve read or seen.

Why am I writing about this?

The Gosnell case has been ignored by the national media (both liberal and conservative) except for the first day of the trial so the stuff you might read here could be for the first time (unless you’re a follower of Breitbart which has been following the story).  I’m not a reporter. I’m a guy who has tried to follow the local news story and has worked through the Grand Jury Report. So can you.

What is this about?

This is a case about a doctor who killed babies and endangered women.  Gosnell regularly delivered live babies in the third trimester of pregnancy then proceeded to murder the newborn babies by cutting their spinal cords with scissors. He also managed to kill adult women. What’s worse is that people found out what was going on in the place but no one stopped it.

The previous paragraph is almost copy-pasted from the overview section in the Grand Jury Report.

What happened?

Gosnell ran an abortion clinic since 1979 (40 years) that used dirty instruments and filthy practices to ensure that the most money could be made in the name of women’s health. Not only did several women die at his hands, he also made sure to sure to lie to patients about the age of their babies to ensure that they would go through with the abortion. Tthey would put these women into labor, deliver the babies and then—when he would arrive (or if he was running late)—they’d take scissors and cut the spinal cords of the babies. Afterwards they would throw the bodies in the fridge or the basement waiting for trash day—unless it was a really big baby in which case Gosnell would destroy any evidence. That’s not to say that Gosnell didn’t keep a token: he sometimes collected the feet of babies in jars and there are photos that prove it (pg 73).

The police had gotten report of illegal prescription drug sales at the clinic so they raided the place (pg 9). There they discovered confused patients and the gruesome conditions. When they were finally able to come back with warrants to seize everything, loads of paperwork had gone missing.

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How Should A Christian Act Under A President (or any Candidate) He Didn’t Want?

A lot of Democrats (or Republicans–including those of the Christian persuasion) have been making a lot of noise about Obama (or Clinton or Trump or Whomever) winning either the candidacy or the Presidency. Maybe they haven’t been making as much noise about a Democrat (or Republican) House and Senate but the noise has been there nevertheless. At points some of these same people (Christians included) come up to me and say “So what are you going to do now that such-and-such  lost?” My answer is exactly the same if such-and-such, (or any of my desired Candidates) had won.

My answer is exactly the same for any president in place that I didn’t want. And this post works on either side of the aisle or even within your party of choice.

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Should Christians Vote?

Some time ago I wrote about how a Christian who stands on the Gospel is to act in regards to the government. But I want to address a different aspect by asking the following to us American Christians: should Christians vote?