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The Danger Of Being Gifted

Steve Hulshizer

It is a wonderful thing to be enabled of the Holy Spirit to serve the Lord. (I Cor.
12:4-11) However, there are dangers associated with being gifted, as the flesh would
always seek to glorify itself.

The more public one’s gift is, and the greater the sphere
in which he operates, the greater the danger of pride (Rom. 12:3; 1 Cor. 12:21) The more
his name is in print, the more conferences he speaks at, the more the Lord blesses his
ministry, the greater the danger of his falling into the snare of the devil. (I Tim 3:7)

The saints often contribute to the danger by flocking to conferences at which he speaks,
while ignoring other conferences where the Word is ministered by others. Some would seek
an audience with him while others treat him as the world does its celebrities. Others may
accept his ministry as infallible. (Acts 17:11)

Servants and saints alike must remember that no saint has anything he has not received of
the Lord. (I Cor. 4:7) They must also remember, “Except the LORD build the house,
they labour in vain that build it.” While we should be thankful for faithful men who
are good stewards of their gifts, we must be careful to give God the glory. (I Cor. 1:31;
2 Cor. 4:7)

“Pride is a vice, which cleaves so fast unto the hearts of men, that if we were to
strip ourselves of all faults, one by one, we should undoubtedly find it the very last and
hardest to put off.”
(Thomas Hooker)

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