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The Hatred of God

Keith Keyser

In modern colloquial English the word “hate” is commonly used
to mean something far weaker than its dictionary definition. People often say “I hate
traffic jams,” or “I hate the Dallas Cowboys.” What they usually mean by
such statements is that they dislike such phenomena or people. When God uses the word,
however, it carries a far weightier meaning.

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Who Then is Wise?

By Donald L. Norbie

Mrs. Jean Erikson, a famous psychologist and author, is now quite elderly. She was
interviewed recently concerning a book she had written on aging and wisdom.

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The Holy God

Steve Hulshizer

What comes to mind when we think of the word holy? Dictionaries
have great difficulty attempting to define it. Usually it is associated with divinity, but
never really defined. Of course the religious world makes great use of the word, but as
with many Biblical words they are but part of their jargon and empty ritual.

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The Gracious Editorial Ministry of God

By Keith R. Keyser

When I was a college student, learning the fundamental principles of historical research and writing the need for editing in writing was stronger impressed upon me. One of my professors-who himself had authored several historical books and countless articles-maintained that even the best authors write numerous drafts. Many times I was grateful for conscientious proofreaders who made necessary corrections to my various research papers before the assignments were submitted to the merciless professors, waiting to “red line” the contents! Not only did such editing improve my writing and avert a bad grade, it also preserved me from the embarrassment of having mistakes recorded on file for years to come. Imagine the President of the United States delivering an inaugural address without having someone first correcting grammatical mistakes; the errors would permanently reflect on the chief executive. If editorial work is important in the educational, professional, and political worlds, how much more valuable it is in spiritual things.