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hands raised in church

Should I Raise My Hands In Church (And Other Questions)

Should I raise my hands when I pray (or sing) in the local church? Which music should we use in our local church worship? Should my kids be allowed to dance during a good praise song at the assembly? Shall I be allowed to say “amen” after any song I feel particularly touched by during…

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Series: On Icons

This is the series home for the usage of Icons series. Responding to common (and frankly the weakest) arguments for the use of icons. Examining and responding to the strongest argument in support of the use of icons: the Christological Argument Regarding the Second Commandment (“You shall not make any graven images”) and the use…

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Approaching Worship and Respect

In my response to the Christological Argument and the use of icons I made a statement that Phil James, a guest blogger in the past here at the Archive, took issue with. In my post, I suggested that based on the current activities of many people with icons that the terms worship and veneration are…

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Jesus the Logician Backup

Nervous because it looks like the page is getting hacked and in the hopes of making sure I keep these excellent links, I am backing up Joe Carter’s Jesus the Logician project here at the Bible Archive. Mind you this is not the repository for said articles.  If you have new submissions you can send…

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