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Three Levels Contra Practicing “Freedom” in 1 Cor 8-10

After giving an overview of 1 Cor 8-10, we can draw some conclusions about what’s going on in the Church of Corinth and what’s ultimately wrong with the practice of some.

There is a group of people, known as The Strong With Knowledge, who are visiting the local temples and eating food which has been offered to idols. The Strong With Knowledge have no problem buying meat from the market when it is specifically noted as being offered by idols. The Strong With Knowledge have been doing this activity (of shopping and eating) in front of their Christian Brethren and in front of the common man.

The Strong With Knowledge, therefore, are being addressed. Their practice needs correction on several levels.

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Idolatry and the Wrong Shoes

Shoes. Comfy. Warm. Slip easily on (and off). The right color and look, matching your outfit perfectly and accentuating your look. You have to love a great pair of shoes.

That is, right up until you put on someone else’s shoes.