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My buddy Curt and his wife are expecting. Go over and pat him on the virtual back and simultaneously lift his family up in prayers as he?s still in a dubious situation, career-wise.

Curt, here are a few books I highly recommend. I figured I would post this here for anyone else who?s expecting.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Vital. This book tells you about every little bump, wrinkle, hiccup and headache that mom might experience while offering some insightful comfort and helpful tips. Simple language so you don?t have to worry about plowing through a bunch of medical terminology. Great for Dad?s too who may be REALLY dumb and worry about things there may not be any need to worry about. (Here?s a good one. Lot?s of guys get worried about their wives being too small or too thin. Isn?t true. The woman?s body is like a factory where the Baby is now the foreman. The little one will take everything she needs?Mommy just has to make sure she keeps up her reserves for her own health!)

Baby Bargains: Secrets?

Extremely Helpful. Sure you can go out and make the newbie parent mistake of buying a huge travel-system stroller but then you?ll find out the thing is a hassle to lug around. This book is smart. Great deals, where to find them and the ratings on what?s outright stinky and what rocks. Baby-stuff is very expensive?and this book shows you how to get around that.

The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy

Apparently Really Good but I’ve seen bad reviews. I haven?t read it but my wife was telling me that someone told her it was good. Apparently its language is colloquial and deals with common misconceptions, some friendly advice and just about anything you may want to know. So go on, Girlfriend, pick it up and let me know if it was worth it!


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