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The Olive Tree: A Future For Israel (Part 2 of 4) Romans 11

How anyone can read Paul and see no future for the literal Israel perplexes me to no end. Why would Paul compare a Gentile Branch to an Israel Branch if there is no future for a literal Israel? And if Israel’s Future is just to be part of the Church why would Paul make a big deal about God potentially removing the Gentile Branch?

Worst when we see that the removal of the Israelite Branch is because of unbelief but this same branch is still considered by Paul as God’s Elect—the same language that he applies to the visible Gentile Church.

Hearing that some people might think “Fine, Israel is not the Church but the Church is True Israel.” Hold on to that.

So last post when I said it’s not the Gentile’s olive tree but actually Israel’s it may have come off as being possessive: as if the Tree belongs to True Israel and the branch is broken off when the group as a whole doesn’t believe.

I find that hard to believe since the mark of True Israel is that it does believe. Also the fact that Paul says in verse 24 that Unbelieving Israel is the natural branch (not the owner of) the olive tree to which the Gentile branch has been grafted in.

In other words, Israel has Something Special, given by God and the Gentiles are being made part of it by God’s grace.

Rest of Romans series.

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