The Return of the Jedi -tmp(WBT)

Call it part of my heretical mindset. Attribute it to my
fallen nature. Lock me up as a sheer lunatic. The following may take some of
you (few) readers by surprise and the rest of you (good sane folk who don?t
read the Archive) likely won?t care. When I was growing up I wanted to be a
Jedi. I still do.

So okay, you rebels of the Lucasian Empire, throw your
daggars, sling your fiery darts?I?m ready. I stand boldly, proudly, behind all
of the Star Wars movies?that?s right?including Episode 2 which so many of you
hated. I stand tall next to the pyre of the non-fading body of Qui-Gon Jinn and
accepted it. I sobbed for the now phantom menace of Darth Maul?s renewed
appearance after his quick death, this is true, but no matter for I knew there
was a darker enemy to come. I scoffed at Jar Jar?s antics but even now I still
hold a glimmer of hope that he would evolve as C3P0 did?from a droid who
couldn?t tell a story to the goldenrod-god who entertained a village of Ewoks.
The movies rocked and I expect no less from this climax where we see the
revenge of the Sith.

You know, it?s no idle admission this love for Star Wars.
For years I carried around a metallic flashlight on a clip by my side in the
hopes that its beam would (suddenly, magically!) stop about 3 feet from its
source demarcating the return of the Jedi. This never came to be and my hopes
of forming a new Jedi order were never fulfilled. As I read the books, throwing
my hope and fascination into the extended galaxy (or apocrypha), I had hoped
for sequels to the Trilogy to be filmed. For years I would look longingly at
the bleakness of space and theatres and held a new hope that the Empire would
strike back?and it finally did.

Oh the joy, the sheer rapture that year. Beside the fact
that I was married a few months after the release of the movie and reveled in
the love of my wife and lost virginity, it was the year of the Jedi! It was
only two (short) years later when we would be searching for names for my son
and ?Johannes Anakin Reynoso? was close to be approved. For some reason my wife
didn?t go for the name, balking some time nearer the birth of my firstborn but
when we decided on a name, the outcome still left me with a sense of
satisfaction. Josias (the Greek version of young Josiah) Liam Reynoso.

Liam. That?s right. Liam Neeson who played Qui-Gon Jinn who
was in Episode I. Bite your tongue and stop the ?dork? which is surely
proceeded from your open cavern and incendiary fingers.

Behold. And Tremble.


One day, his sister will have the same?although she probably
won?t use it very well spending her time in diplomatic efforts. And there?s no
way I?m going to separate them. Look at the trouble those Skywalker siblings
almost got into.

I?ll be seeing it on Thursday at 12:45 PM and may have a
report. My ticket is bought. My imagination unfurled. My cloak is ironed. I?ll
get Sy to sing the Darth Vader march one more time before I go and hopefully
we?ll get Elayna (some day) to do the Alto part. I may not have ever been a
true Jedi, but I have gotten to form a new Order. They will not be copies of my
self, sent out to be a mere ?attack of the clones?, but they will, God willing,
be wiser…and hopefully have a sense of fun when they see these pictures (or
posts) on a future date.

This post has nothing to do with Biblical matters. I may touch on that on Friday after I’ve had time to calm down.

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