The Riches in Christ – 01

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I felt moved to take a moment and offer up a meditation in this series of articles called The Riches in Christ. These articles will consist of meditations, psalms, and thoughts, anything that bends the knees in worship, thanksgiving or prayer. This series may even consist of articles from different believers, united in the worship of God.

In Colossians 1:9, it is Paul?s prayer that the folk at Colossi may be filled with the knowledge of God?s will in all spiritual understanding and wisdom. What is the purpose of Paul?s Prayer? That the Colossians simply gain intelligence and the wisdom to understand that intelligence? Not at all.

In the following verse (v. 10), Paul?s prayer points out that the result of having this knowledge and wisdom of God?s will is so that the Colossians may walk worthy of the Lord and to please him in everything they do and that they may bear fruit leading to more knowledge of God. It is an extremely potent thing that the very life we live as believers will also increase our knowledge of the will of God!

Yet Paul doesn?t end there, because this life isn?t only to affect our minds but also strengthens us with all power according to His might for which purpose it engenders in us steadfastness and patience (v.11). What an amazing thing it is to know that as we increase in our knowledge of God, we will learn that God is greater than anything we previously imagined. When we walk in the glorious light of our Lord, our very lives will be illuminated, exposing all darkness and shining into our minds and hearts pointing out how very bright the light is.

Then Paul goes onto point out that this all will enable us to give thanks to the Father who has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in Light. What amazing grace that God the Father took us who were ?Lo-ammi?, Not A People, and made us A People underneath the standard in the House of Israel. Being wedded to Jesus Christ, Son of David and Son of God, the express image of God?s glory, we now share in that glorious inheritance with our Lord and savior. Brothers and sisters, give thanks to the Lord in all worship and adoration?it is the very purpose of our increasing knowledge!

There are references here to Hosea 1:9, Romans 9:25, and 1 Peter 1:3-4

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