Training For Young Jedi

Today my wife was relieved from bed-rest and from the pump sending contraction-slowing medication into her body. She revels in her freedom and I am now in yellow-alert knowing that labor could happen any day. True she is due May 1st but she?s been having contractions even on the meds?and now we?re at a good safe-point where they wouldn?t stop contractions anyway.

That being the case I have started getting my son to understand that Elayna will be coming soon. Explaining how she won?t be able to do all the cool things that big boys like him can do and that she will need his superior three-year old knowledge on learning things.

?Like, you know what you can teach her, Sy??

?What?? he enunciates the Tees at the end of words although ?l?s? and ?w?s? sound exactly the same (ie: ?I wuv you daddy?).

?Shapes. And colors. She won?t know what they are. What else do you think you can teach her??

?Numbers? Wetters??

?Indeed. You can teach her all of that.?

That was us over at Friendly?s on Saturday. We?ve gotten into a habit as of late of doing shopping chores together and then stopping for a bite at a ?west-toh-WANT? (yeah, I forgot he sometimes does the same with ?r?s?). Friendly?s is a rockin? (irony: this is how I now define ?rockin?) spot because the ice cream comes ?free? with the meal.

So come the end of the meal, I decided to teach him something he didn?t know about. He seems to be a firm supporter of ice cream segregation, asking for vanilla (alone) or chocolate (alone). I asked him if he wanted the oreo. Knowing the cookie (and loving them) he said okay. When the oreo cookie sprinkled thing arrived before him his eyes widened unable to believe that such a thing was possible. He gasped and reverentially whispered the word ?chocolate? when the spoon dipped into the vanilla drew a huge swirl of his favorite treat.

Three years of him having a milk-protein allergy proving to be all the more enjoyable when I can show him something outright new. Maybe he?ll want to get a sense of this when he shows Elayna the ropes? Or maybe, he can do what his dad was doing right next to him?learning to love ice cream as a toddler would.

On a side note: he?s really into this big boy kick and I?m taking advantage of it by instituting the Diaper-Go-Away Project where he will no longer go to bed at night with diapers. He doesn?t use them at all during the day but his nights are long (8:00 ? 8:00) and he is three. It is the funniest thing in the world getting a groggy three-year old up at midnight to go potty. One night he outright said ?no.? turned around and tried to go back to sleep. Too funny.


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