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Trial -tmp(Gen 3:9-13)

I have an idea why Adam and Eve hid yet even so I think it was futile. I mean, sure we have the whole benefit of seeing God work through history so we have some understanding of what He?s capable of?but so did Adam. He saw that a bunch of animals were made for the benefit of his naming (Gen 2:19). God created his wife and he acknowledged her and was bound to her. All that and still he hid from God?s presence.

Which is in itself an interesting thing since God is spirit and there is no place where we can say that God isn?t…unless this person walking in the garden, during the cool of the day was a pre-incarnate manifestation of the only part of the Godhead that was ever seen: the 2nd Person of the Trinity.

Conjecture aside, the Lord God calls out to man: ?Where are you?? We?re back to that title Yahweh (Lord) Elohim (God) instead of the usage in Genesis 1 and Eve?s conversation with the serpent of just Elohim (which is an awesome title).

Man tries to change the main point of the question (they?re hiding from God) by addressing the literal answer and a circumstantial problem which was never really a problem before (Gen 2:25). Almost as if Adam forgot to put on pants in the morning and was incredibly off-put by it he admits that ?I was naked so I hid.? His incredible wisdom and knowledge of Good and Evil wasn?t so great to walk right into admitting his real problem.

?Who told you that you were naked?? This is amazing that the Lord God, who brooded over the waters of the world (Gen 1:2) could have swooped down at any moment and plucked the life right out of Adam and Eve. He could have killed them instantly upon chomping on the fruit of the tree, either with poison or raining fire. Instead, God walked among them and asked questions seeking admission.

Oh, don?t get me wrong, I?m sure there was going to be consequence of death no matter what: God?s Word must stand. But perhaps the things that were later going to happen in Adam?s family wouldn?t have turned out the way they did?but that?s pure imagination. God asks a question which attacks the very problem ?Have you eaten what I told you not to eat??

That?s the bottom line. Did you do what I told you not to? Instead of admitting that ?yes, I did.? Adam casts blame in every direction except himself. It makes me shudder thinking that Adam was talking to God, managed to be dishonest and throw the blame back to the creator. ?The woman you gave me, she gave me from the tree and I ate.?

Technically, Adam was telling the truth. God did give him the woman. Eve did give him from the tree. He did eat after she gave. But realistically, he was avoiding the point that he disobeyed God?s direct command.

God doesn?t call him on it but turns to the woman and I can almost hear it in a pained broken-hearted voice: ?What is this that you have done??

The woman takes her lesson from the man (no doubt adding to the problems that God promises they?ll have) and casts the blame towards the serpent who deceived her (Gen 3:14). Next we?ll look at God?s judgments.

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