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Unsaved Israel: Why? (Part 2 of 5)

Paul in examining if the message of the Gospel has reached Israel, offered up four questions and we take up our notes now to examine the first: It’s not is it, that Israel didn’t hear? (Rom 10:18)

For if Israel could state that they have never heard Christ’s Words then they might have a leg to stand on when it comes to judgment. Imagine the cosmic court room where Israel can say "No we didn’t have faith."

"Well then why not?"

"Well, we never heard anything."

"Yes, sorry, the preacher I tried to send could go so in turn you didn’t hear and thus you could never have faith. Be that as it may, you’re damned for eternity. Next."

So it’s not is it, that Israel has never heard? No, of course not—for they did hear, says Isaiah. The message has gone forth, it has gone out into all the earth. This doesn’t underscore the fact that Israel is part of the earth so they should’ve heard but rather it underscores the reach of the Gospel which the Jews were witness to.

They had the prophets before them speaking about this sort of thing, and they ignored it and denied it and railed against it: but it’s written down years before that this sort of thing was going to happen.

So they have heard.

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