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Adam in the Bible (Genesis)

Here?s a post surveying some of God?s progressive revelation with Biblical references to Adam. Although Adam may not be focal point in some of these passages he may be a reference point. I?ll be working in reverse order.

{{Jude 1:14}}. The verse concerns itself with the type of men that Enoch was preaching to. Adam is used as a point of reference for us to count to the seventh in his line?specifically Enoch. Used to underscore how far things had come in a relatively short amount of time.

{{1 Tim 2:13, 14}} are primarily concerned with the role of women in the local gathering. Paul had just finished saying that women are not to exercise authority over a man and he justifies his reasoning with the creative order. Adam was first created then Eve; Adam wasn?t deceived but the woman was deceived and fell into transgression. Also I don?t think it?s saying that men aren?t prone to deception and that?s why they have authority but rather referring to the fall and its subsequent repercussions?a battle between the sexes. Now, taking that all to mean the enforced subjection of women is likely going too far: the point of 1st Timothy seems to be Godliness found in Sound Doctrine; that portion ({{1 Tim 2:9-15}}) focuses on godliness as well.

{{1 Cor 15:22, 4}}5 Paul?s famous discussion on the importance of the resurrection refers to Adam as the bringer of Death and Christ as the bringer of Life. By one man came death by one man came life and in Adam all die yet in Christ all will be made to live. Christ, in effect, becomes ?The Last Adam?, the perfect man who doesn?t fail at His task of being a life-giver. Thus the living soul gains an endless life by being eternally united with that life.

{{Rom 5:14}} where Adam and Christ are contrasted in a similar way to 1 Corinthians 15 but Adam is shown to bring death and Christ is shown to bring overabundant grace in his gift. Also in this section is the concept of sin?s effects. Some take it to mean that future generations were in Adam and partaking of the original sin with Adam. Others take it that Adam is mankind?s federal representative and when he fell we sinned by being beneath his headship. I personally take it that Adam sinned and the cancer of sin became part and parcel of the human race and now we sin corporately and personally and are thus held accountable.

{{Acts 17:26}} Paul on Mars Hill argues in support of an actual god unknown to the Athenians. It is the creator God, the one who is not contained by man-made temples and who made all nations from one man?and even appointed their borders and ruling times?in the effort of setting them up to seek God, even groping for Him for He is not far from every individual. Paul?s point is to have the Athenians see God in contrast to their own gods, and understand that He wants them to repent.

{{Luke 3:38}} When establishing the lineage of Jesus, Luke decides to go further than David or Abraham. He keeps tying that line, establishing that the son of Man (Adam) is the son of God. Indeed, some have taken the Sethite line (the lineage of Jesus) to be those very same ?Sons of God? referred to in {{Genesis 6:2}}.

{{Hos 6:7}} Hosea referring to Judah speaks about how they have returned to sacrifices and temple practices while simultaneously being disobedient to God. They have already broken God?s covenant and are currently dealing treacherously with God. Their covenant breaking is likened to Adam?s transgression and the immensity is evident when we see how Adam was driven out from God?s presence. Judah, like Adam, have become covenant transgressors.

{{Isa. 43:27}} Possible reference to Adam as the first forefather of Israel who has sinned although I guess you can argue a reference to Jacob or Abraham.

{{Job 31:33}} Job proclaiming how he is guilty of nothing and trying to justify himself in his need to get some answers from God relates how he is different from Adam. Whereas Adam transgressed then hid, Job is asking to be examined: he is not like Adam, he shows his heart and hides nothing.

{{1 Chron 1:1}} Adam listed in the first of the chronicled genealogy.

{{Josh 3:16}} Apparently Adam was the name of a city that is beside Zarethan, near Jordan.

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