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Current Questions -tmp(Genesis 4)

{{Genesis 4}} continues Adam and Eve?s story giving us more information on just what happened with Adam who was doomed to die yet was only driven from the Garden. What are the implications of knowing good and evil in that experiential sense? What does it mean to future generations? This death (we?ve noted) is a separation from God yet how does that affect man?s thinking and ability to act?

The story begins with Adam and Eve being (of all things) obedient. A chastised couple they are now carrying out what they were commanded to do in earlier chapters?to multiply and fill the earth. At this point we know that they?re doing this but we don?t know if the text here is referring to their first time doing this for the purpose of reproduction. It is likely that the text draws our attention the most important children of Adam and Eve. So were they obeying a divine mandate or were they just trying to survie?

Of no small import is Eve?s claim to fame ?I have gotten a ma-nchild with God?s help? ({{Gen 4:1}}). Att the end of this story Eve gives birth to another son but that time she doesn?t appropriate any glory for herself (as in she gave birth with God?s aid). She instead says ({{Gen 4:25}}) ?God has appointed me another son in place of Abel?? as if it was God?s unmerited gift. Has there been a reconciliation with God that allows her to look at the Creator as the source of her provision?

{{Gen 4:25}} has Eve?s family marked by murder. In a (presumably) short time this couple has gone from disobeying God?s word to being pained by the murder of one of their own?by one of their own. That?s horrible but how does that tie with the earlier fall? Is this a side effect or directly related to the fall?

There seems to be some sense of respect or reverence for God that is only fully expressed by The Creature realizing its position before The Creator. The fact that Cain and Abel brought sacrifices (one of the ground and one of the flock) speaks to me of some sense of giving back to or for God. Was some information transmitted that consists of a form of worship? Was there an example actually set by the slaying of an animal in the garden? As a spiritually dead being, how is it that Cain brings offerings, hears God, rejects him, understands his penalty and finally flees?

There?s a lot to think about that began to be addressed in our Tricky Death post.

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