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Adrian Warnock: Calling All Blogdom Members!

Adrian has an announcement up on his site of things to come. Apparently something major is coming and here’s what he had to say.

Watch out later this week for a MAJOR
exciting development in the Blogdom of God Alliance. It is top secret
and you will hear about it just as soon as I can tell you! This
development should really enable us to work together as Christian blogs of all flavours!

thing that I can tell you is that the size of the Blogdom of God
Alliance which I administrate over at TLB is going to explode
dramatically. I have now gathered over TWO and a HALF THOUSAND
blogs which appear to be "christian". I am now trying to establish if
there are any I have missed, or indeed if I have made any mistakes in
including anyone!

If possible, I would love you to highlight on
your blog that I have made an announcement that an important change is
imminent, and that I am calling for lists of URLs of Christian blogs to
be sent to me- if anyone is willing to collate such a list and roughly
check it before sending it on that would be great, otherwise just tell
them to send lists straight to me. I am much keener to receive lists
rather than individual blogs for obvious reasons.

I am also
looking for volunteers to make sure that I havent included any blogs
that are obviously inappropriate- if I ask the NZ Bear nicely he may
even let me allow those volunteers a sneak pre-view of what is going on
so that we can avoid embarrassment at launch.

Please, if you
have a christian blog, can I urge you to consider a link to this post-
I really need to make sure I have as complete a list of as many
christian blogs as possible right now for the next phase of the
Blogdom’s development. I am looking for any other christian blogs that
may be hiding out there. Please, if anyone has access to a list of
christian bloggers I may not be aware of, send me an email with the
list of links contained in it. If you are already in an aggregator,
blogs4God, or Evangelical Outpost’s list I probably already have you on
my list to add in the next few days.

Already you may have
noticed that the Blogdom of God blogroll was becomming longer than it
had previously been. In the next day or so, several hundred "God blogs"
will be added to the Blogdom of God Alliance. If
you currently have the Blogdom of God Alliance blogroll, you will be
relieved to know that from now on only the first 250 blogs will appear
there. We have had to limit the size of the blogroll, but even
if your blog does not appear on this list, there are other exciting
benefits of being in the Alliance to be announced shortly.

The Blogdom of God aggregation services at the original site and blogdigger
will continue to work. If you would like your posts to appear there,
please join one of the aggregation services who are themselves
aggregated there. If one of them does not suit your blog, why not start
your own? Email me for more information about running an aggregator.

anyone who has already got an aggregator please can you update your
joining instructions, mentioning the fact that membership also includes
blogs in the Blogdom of God (if relevant) and send me a link.

majority of aggregators do not have clear joining instructions
currently (including the B of G!). Whenever you do a major update from
now on, please send me your complete list of blog urls (it doesnt
matter if there is duplication) and I can then add them on mass to the
blogdom of God alliance.

Whether you have the Blogdom of God
Blogroll on your site or not, do consider adding your own selection of
links to Chrisitan blogs taken from the blogdom of Godblogdigger.
Do link to as many christian blogs as you feel comfortable with as the
more linky love we share around the better! There are a number of lists
that are maintained by others that you can include- again if there is a
list that you maintain please let me have a URL that explains the list
and includes the code for people to add that list to their site.

If you do already have a list of christian blogs, and think that some of them may not be in the blogosphere, send me the urls including http:// in an email and I will add them. Please put Blogdom of God additions in
the title of the post. If you find a blog that should not be in the
list in your view (or you own a blog you want removed) please email me
with Blogdom of God removals in the title.

particular I would like to welcome some stalwarts like Evangelical
Outpost and La Shawn Barber to the alliance who had previously not been
able to become a member of the actual blogroll as they were very
correctly keen to continue in other alliances at Truth Laid Bear. It is
now possible to be in more than one alliance over there.

coming back here for the announcement later in the week of something
that is going to be incredibly exciting! I can barely contain myself
with anticipation……..
and elsewhere. The blogdom is also available at

Meanwhile, if you want to
include the blogdom of God alliance list on your own site simply
include the following code in you site anywhere-

<script language="javascript"

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