Femme Fatales and Formidable Females

MCF is throwing another blog party and since I haven’t
participated in any for quite a while I decided to bring another bit of my own
stuff. I will surely be late and (once again) no one will bother tasting
it—much less look at it—but so what. I’ll go, wanna join me?

We’re being told to bring lady friends to MCF’s party.
Sounding the lonely sort I felt obliged to comply. The lady’s I’m bringing may
not all be classified as “friends” though. I mean, some of them are downright

Bad, evil woman. So bad that her name becomes the symbol of
spiritual prostitution throughout the Bible. This woman, daughter of Israelite
enemies, was courted and wedded to Ahab—the very King of Israel. This woman
brought with her several pagan practices that her husband quickly espoused and propagated.
She ordered the slaying of all the prophets of God and put her false prophets
in place. This woman had no problem wearing the signet ring (and the pants) of
her husbands home at one point taking matters into her own hand and writing
Elijah a personal execution notice. He took the matter to heart and ran. Bad
woman.  {{1 Kings 16 – 21}}; {{2 Kings
9}}; {{Rev 2:20}}

She didn’t raise the sword as she judged Israel from beneath her tree…but
when push came to shove she made sure to light a fire underneath Barak’s rear.
There he was hiding up in the mountains with his army and she told him to go
take what the Lord has promised them—victory! The man was quite the coward and
had only gone that far because she went with him, but nevertheless when the
Lord came and caused a flash flood to happen in the valley below Barak led the
charge down the hill to finish wiping up the mess. Ah, but his cowardice wound
up giving him a bitter-sweet victory. He would not slay his enemy…that pearl
goes to Jael. {{Judges 4 – 5}}

The first woman to receive the title “blessed are you among
women”. When a certain gentile by the name of Sisera came knocking on her tent
after fleeing a battle she had a tough choice. Either she refuses him and winds
up a head shorter or she lets him in and has her husband find a strange gentile
man in her tent. She decides to employ her womanly wiles to let him in, offer
him butter cream and milk on a golden saucer and even a place to rest his head.
Tired from the battle, the general eats his food and falls asleep with thoughts
of personal survival running through his head. Taking a tent peg and placing it
on his temple she did what women did best (assure the stability of the home)
and drove the peg through his temple and into the floor putting an end to the
thoughts of his head. {{Judges 4 – 5}}.

These ladies are pretty tough and they are real. I had
better bring some fictional ladies to make some of my guests not as stone faced
or pragmatic.

Object of Thanos’ desire. She sometimes appears in a very
beautiful form and at other times she looks a bit like a fashion model—skeletal.
Still all the Marvel characters eventually meet her. Sometimes even multiple
times when ratings are low.

Dark Phoenix



Do you know of any Femme Fatales for MCF’s party? Bring them along and post a link to your post in his comments section.

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