Brethren Bustin’ Chops

Well some folk have taken to playing this game online…basically
poking fun at ourselves by coming up with a list about our own denominations.
So here goes my list. You know you’re a Plymouth Brethren when:

10: Darby is quietly known as the 13th Apostle.

9: You purchase “stylish” head coverings for your wife…either
black or white.

8. You know that the Little Flock hymnbook is for the Lord’s

7. When you deny being a denomination but resort to quotation
marks or “so-called” to describe your denomination

6. You refer to any Christian you don’t know by first name
as “brother” or “sister”

5. You spend a full hour in a home Bible study poring over
Scripture and doing math over detailed charts of things that haven’t happened
yet but we know exactly how they’ll pan out.

4. You have a subscription to either Uplook, Precious Seed
or Counsel.

3. Clapping your hands during music is commonly called “charismatic”
in your gathering.

2. You have cornered the monopoly on what it is to be a New
Testament assembly

1. You think Muller…no Darby…no Mueller…no Darby! Was right.


Here’s some other ones: Brian, Mike, David, Adrian, Kacy, Common Grounds, Challies, Tim

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