Sy Asks About Jesus

I couldn’t believe it when my wife told me but I was still
touched. Normally he looks at a story books re-telling the life of Jesus and
points out key features…but when he gets to the cross he asks about Jesus’

My wife would always answer the questions when he asked.
Having believed when she was merely three years old and crisply remembering how
she understood the message and trusted on Christ she doesn’t underestimate the
possibility that he may also understand. She gently explains that Jesus got
many booboos because he loved us…a statement which always seems to puzzle him.
She explained to him how all the bad things we do and say and think (with less
big words of course) were things that made God angry. But Jesus got all those
booboos for all the things we have done and will do.

It’s late…and I can’t remember the exact phrasing of what
happened next. I’ll do my best.

He was sitting on the potty and pointedly asked “Mommy did
Jesus die?”

“Yes, Josias. Jesus died.”

My son wept.

Maybe he was tired, maybe there were other things bugging
him—he hadn’t shown signs that anything else was on his mind…so I don’t know.
All I know is that my wife explained the gospel again and re-emphasized the

It’s moments like these that get you really choked up, you


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