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Satans Dual Objectives: A Worldly Messiah And A Worldly Church

By Bob Gessner

As one examines the New Testament, it becomes evident that Satan had two primary
objectives in this world, among many more perhaps less evident. (1) To tempt the Messiah
to conform to the image of the worldly Jewish religious thinking of His time. (2) To
influence the church so that it conforms to the worldly religious thinking of our times.
In the first objective, Satan totally failed. He met an opponent who stood firm. In the
second objective, he has met with more success than we would like to think or admit.

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Godly Shepherds and Obedient Sheep

By Steve Hulshizer

There is a great need in local churches today for godly shepherds. The absence of such
shepherds is readily apparent. Many of the saints are as sheep having no shepherd. Many
who are referred to as “elders” are more involved in “scheduling”
speakers and activities than they are in “shepherding.”

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Marks Of A Spiritual Man

by Bob Gessner (also check out  my wrestling with this in “The True Marks of a Spiritual Man or Woman” )

In these last days we see so many evidences of the natural man and so few of the spiritual man It is likely in our generation that the marks of a spiritual man are not clearly understood. Let us examine a few general characteristics and then take a closer look at some specific marks of a spiritual man.

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The Cult of Intellectualism

by Keith Keyser

The following quote appeared in a recent discussion of dispensationalism by a well-known
Bible teacher: “Many of these men [i.e. early proponents of dispensationalism] were
self-taught in theology and were professionals in secular occupations. Darby and Scofield,
for example, were attorneys, and Larkin was a mechanical draftsman … Unfortunately some
of these early framers of dispensationalism were not as precise or discriminating as they
might have been had they had the benefit of a more complete theological education.

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Living on the Edge

by Steve Hulshizer

Eutychus is certainly not a name that is often thought of when names are being considered
for a new son. Neither is he an individual that is often discussed at the mid-week Bible
study. There are no books written of his life, and seldom do we hear a sermon concerning