Baby Dreaming

By the grace of God we're at 20 and a half weeks of our first viable pregnancy since our series of miscarriages. Painful as those days were (and still are) we're now reveling in the joy of expecting our second child.

So today we went to the doctor's for the usual 20 week sonogram. The
appointment was for 2:30 and getting there at 2:05 did nothing for our
wait. The minute hand passed far into 3:00, while we listened to the
idle chatter of the staff. I blissfully played catch-up with sleep
while my thoughts at this point were "man, this is boring but at least
I get to sleep."

Finally we were called. For completely different reasons, we sighed in
unison. Me, because my sleep had turned sour in those uncomfortable
chairs and this change of venue would be great for my back; my wife
because she would finally be allowed to empty her filled-to-the-brim
bladder. (You see, ultrasounds work better with a bladder full of fluid
so they tell you to drink 64 ounces and not to pee). My thought at this
point was "finally!" I'm sure my wife's thought was the same.

There I am, with Josias on my lap and my wife on the bed; the three of
us looking at the monitor as the technician lists off "head",
"kidneys", "bladder", "lower legs", "lower arms", "spinal cord". My
wife and I had a goofy smile but it wasn't as big as it should've been
if the technician just got to the point and told us what we're having
or at least give us the opening by asking us "Do you guys wanna' know?"

My wife in her warranted impatience meekly asked if we would be getting
a picture and if we would be finding out the sex. The technician asked
us if we wanted to know because she wasn't sure. My thought at this
point was "Woman, why would we be asking?!?"

After some equipment fidgeting she finally says "She's a girl." Doofy
grins got proportionally bigger and my thought at this point was "Ha! A
girl! With Sy's curls she'll be gorgeous!"

At this point my mind (inevitably) jumped ahead 18 years to this five
foot three brunette with sharp brown eyes and naturally highlighted
auburn curls and ringlets falling gracefully to her shoulder. I looked
up at that monitor again at the baby's profile and could almost see her
profile in the future as she smiled. My thought at this point was "A
girl…with Sy's curls…she'll be gorgeous…"

So I pushed the thoughts out of my head not planning to borrow trouble
just yet and in the back of my mind, thoughts of that 18 year old
festered. I gave my brother a ring and he echoed my thoughts nicely:
"Dude, that's great. What are you gonna do?"

There are a few answers to that. One is "Pray without ceasing", a
second is "Learn How to kill with bare hands" and as my buddy Curt said
when I called him "Build an arsenal now." Wisdom beyond his years, it's
always easier to kill with a weapon than with the strength of your
fingers. ; )

Cheers. ::raises glass::


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