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Baptism of Linkage

A bunch of links on baptism. Come on in and enjoy.

“This sacrament is the door of the Church of Christ
and the entrance into a new life. We are reborn from the state of slaves of sin
into the freedom of the Sons of God.” –Catholic Encyclopedia

A site that talks about being baptized probably more along
the lines of what Rory was talking about and you can see that on this chart

On Infant Baptism based on deduction.
Jollyblogger also offers a defense of infant baptism 
and from the outset points out that this doctrine is derived from “a ‘good and
necessary consequence’ from Scripture” 
where he quotes the Westminster Confession. Mind you, I strongly disagree with
this deduction and the justification of the process to get there, but I link
for your reading pleasure. Might as well link to Bible.Org’s look at infant
while we’re at it.

While we’re over there let’s take a look at their study on
one baptism in Ephesians 4. Also I
was pleasantly surprised to see that Hampton
also offered the view that Christ is the one baptizing folk with the
instrument/agent of the Spirit (and thankfully, he further develops the point I
would make about how the Agent is very alive and very active in the baptizing).

J.B. Nicholson Jr. has an excellent article on baptism over
at Uplook
(I’m trying to figure out who is mimicking who. They had phpnuke, I had phpnuke,
I went to mambo—now they’re using mambo! Although, much prettier: he said
through gritted teeth).

Update: Link submission by Brother Brian (a.k.a Sozo): Here, Here and Here.

The Full Series
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3. Baptism and Big Problems
4. Baptismal Regeneration (Acts 2:28)
5. Deluge of Baptism Questions (Acts 1-22)
6. Baptism and Romans (Rom 6:1-11)
7. Noah and Baptism (2 Peter 3:20,21)
8. Paul On Baptism (1 Cor 1:14-18)

9. The Error of Infant Baptism

10. Remember Your Baptism (Rom 6:1-11)


Russ On Baptism

Baptism of Linkage
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