Chistian Carnival 127: Voltron Edition

Voltron is a gestalt robot made up of five smaller man-operated mechanoid lions. He is known as The Defender of the Universe. But, as the theme for this Christian Carnival he is the defender of the Blogosphere. Mind you, I arbitrarily put you into lions so don’t get upset if you’re not operating the Red Lion or if you secretly want to sit in the Blue Lion. All the Lions are really cool and so are their operators. So Ready to assemble! Activate interlocks! Dyna-therms connected. Infra-cells up; mega-thrusters are go! Let’s go voltron force!


{mosimage}{mosimage}Keith. He is a tactician, highly cautions, takes his job seriously and is a natural leader. He controls the Black Lion which sits on the monument at the front of the Castle of Lions. It forms the Head.

John from Barefoot in the Wilderness suggests that both Calvinism and Arminianism is wrong because they focus on the wrong questions.

John from Light Along the Journey starts a new intensive study series on the book of Ephesians. His first post is titled, appropriately enough, Ephesians: A Great Beginning.

Jeremy Pierce at Parableman presents What Happened to Eleazar’s Line?

Richard of dokeo kago grapho soi kratistos Theophilos looks at the apparent Samaritan viewpoint of Stephen’s last sermon.

Weave of Kingdom// Church // Culture considers how our business practices reflects works in us godliness and glorifies God.

Brandi presents Lone Star Academy – Book Review: Mother of Prevention by Lori Copeland – posted at Lone Star Academy.

{mosimage}{mosimage}Lance. Quick on action, low on caution and usually dead on when it comes to a battle he is both the fighter and sword arm of the group. He controls the Red Lion which resides in a volcano. It forms an arm.

Laurie Bluedorn presents Sermon Audio posted at Trivium Pursuit.

Amanda Ottaway at Imago Dei presents HPV Vaccine

Diary of a City Parishioner talks about “The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ“. It’s his last blog post.

Is a lack of value for human life leading scientists and others to believe the planet would be better off without people? Don Bosch explores this at The Evangelical Ecologist.

Leslie (of Lux Venit) answers Christian psychology with a Biblical perspective on the woman’s role toward her husbandd.

Xyba at Once More Into the Breach presents Presbyterians mull ‘phrasing’ change for Holy Trinity.

{mosimage}{mosimage}Pidge. Smart, sarcastic and energetic Pidge brings hard core intellect and facts to the table without the stodginess of an older man. His humor and innovative thinking enable him to be the perfect defense for the groups emotions and oncoming attacks He controls the Green Lion which resides in the forest. It forms an arm

NerdMom presents Nerd Family: Homeschooling and Parenting Philosophy posted at Nerd Family.

Mark of Sun and Shield entry submits “Ahab’s arrow,” and is musings about
predestination and free will.

Leslie Carbone at LeslieCarbone presents Mom Power.

Terry Hull of Terra Extraneus discusses illegal immigration and birthright citizenship in: “For God’s Sake, Let’s Leave American-Born Children Out of Immigration Debate.”

Who Do You Get Your SAS From? is the question at Brain Cramps for God

{mosimage}{mosimage}Hunk. Protective, emotional and endearing Hunk is the heart on which the group stands. He controls the Yellow Lion which resides in the desert.

Carl of Thoughts of a Gyrovague wonders what grace means to the believer and how we, as believers, can extend more grace.

Grace considers how the cross looks to outsiders but how wonderful it is to those who have been saved.

Every Square Inch discusses how our dreams and ambitions can often take hold in our hearts leading to idolatry.

Mark Olson at Pseudo-Polymath presents On Ethnic Remembrances of Tragedy.

{mosimage}{mosimage}Allura. Kind, caring and always willing to go the extra mile for her team—Allura continues to be a powerful member to the team after taking injured Sven’s spot. Although originally trying too hard to prove herself she grew in confidence and stood tall as the controller of the Blue Lion which resides in the bottom of a lake.

Lisa at Lil’ Duck Duck presents The end of the duck & fried carpet??!!.

Michael (from Chasing the Wind) describes a day in the life on a recent Kenya mission trip and sees first hand the needs of the Kenya people.

Stacys offers some thoughts on real love and Christian persecution.

Lennie of CrossBlogging submits Real Life Trumps Abortion Advocates.

A Penitent Blogger submits a reflection on God’s warnings and God’s mercy.

{mosimage}Sven. Calm, respectful and through the fire of age, experience and trials he was central to the Voltron Force before suffering a near fatal injury during a battle against a robeast. He originally controlled the Blue Lion and without his calm resolve the VF had to learn much on their own. His appearances, though few, were always powerful.

Tom of Thinking Christian presents Suffering: The Value of Knowing God.

Jack Yoest gives us Pixar Cars from Disney on Route 66; a Puritan Message. There might be (teeny) spoilers here for those of you who change the channel on previews.

Crossroads has part 6 of a series reviewing Elizabeth Marquardt’s book on the effects of divorce on children.

An encounter with a man who lives life out of the mainstream gets Attention Span’s rev-ed thinking about teaching people who don’t care to listen in his post Old Hippie.

Your host couldn’t decide what to put in so he submitted an article answering some questions he received by email and he put in something from his personal site where he proves to Rebecca that he knows what a bird looks like—especially when it’s flapping toward him. Yes, that would be nervous laughter.

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