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Christian Carnival 282.

Christian Carnival 282 is up at Tiffany’s Fathom Deep. My post on theological words that get overused (and you can even find comments over at Theologica as people come up with more oft-(ab)used words. Posts that caught my eye are as follows:

Past Christian Carnivals can be found right here on the Bible Archive.

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3 replies on “Christian Carnival 282.”

Nope! The first carnival was introduced in January 2004 when Godblogger Nick Queen wanted to collect posts from Christian bloggers across the internet to generate interaction and blogspotting. The vision was to have a different Christian blogger host it per week and post up the articles on each Wednesday. The First Time I hosted it was in January 2005 with the Jedi Edition.

Nick Queen though, has long allowed the Carnival to be directed by others, so today Jeremy Pierce does a lot of the scheduling nowadays and you can see some of that info at the google groups or his hosting schedule.

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