Christian Carnival 2012: November Issue

Here now is the Christian Carnival. I’ve gotten the submissions for October. I’ve organized the links. And besides some scheduling hiccups due to storms and the Mayans probably being correct, I now proceed with the show. More about the Carnival over yon. And the archives are over here, on the Bible Archive.

Christian Carnival 423 (Maybe)

If my ducks are all properly lined up, this would be the 423rd Edition of the Christian Carnival. You can check out other Carnivals (if the links are still live) AND instructions for getting into the Carnival here at the repository or at the submission form. I didn’t come up with a cool theme for […]

Christian Carnival

  Welcome to the February 15, 2012 edition of christian carnival ii. Chris Price presents Black History Month–Church History from the Voice of a Former Slave posted at American Church History. Frank Distad presents The Regretful Benchwarmer posted at Mission Blog.   apologetics Christian Carnival presents Win the Man, Not the Argument posted at The […]