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Christian Carnival 2012: November Issue

Here now is the Christian Carnival. I’ve gotten the submissions for October. I’ve organized the links. And besides some scheduling hiccups due to storms and the Mayans probably being correct, I now proceed with the show. More about the Carnival over yon. And the archives are over here, on the Bible Archive.


Clinton Wilcox of Pro-Life Philosophy offers a critical examination of bodily rights arguments used to support abortion being morally permissible.

Mikel Del Rosario offers a simple response to the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

Kim M. Bennett offers a personal Bible study of Hebrews 1:1-2, on how Jesus is the perfect reflection of God, the Father.

Maryann Spikes muses over a very well known dilemma.

Tom Gilson, the Thinking Christian, unveils an impressive substitute for honest communication by highlighting the theater over truth presentation by Dr. Snider.

Sarah Abbey notes that a current Pew Forum poll found that 1-in-5 Americans claim no religious affiliation with 30% being under the age of 30. She then asks if anyone can truly claim no religion?

Diane R. of the Crossroads reviews a book and hopes that Dr. Olson won’t go too far to the emergent side.

Sarah’s recent interactions left her thinking about Facebook Evangelism.


Paul Kuritz thinks that Baseball can provide insights into the workings of God’s Kingdom; check out how.

J.W. Wartick says “The theological debates that dominated the Reformation continue to have immense influence in our everyday lives now. The way we think, live, and work can trace their works to Reformation ways. This post investigates many of these themes and shows the continuing influence of Reformation thought.”


Jason Price of One Money Design says that God calls us to prove faithful on our journey to true financial freedom as found in 1 Corinthians 4:2 in his call to action for financial stewards.

Maurice Kande gives us his beliefs and opinions about money in his money manifesto. I usually don’t allow two from the same blog, but I figured it was two different authors.


Pamela Rose Williams notes that The United States of America is founded on Christian principles and gives us a list of 10 leaders known for their faith.

Daniel Anthony Juwon wants us to know how to overcome temptation.

Jessic McLain wants to show how the Bible would have us deal with gossip.

Kelly wants us to wait.

Robert & Cindy McDowall reflects on times when we can’t take it any more. I personally am always unsure about getting to that point because I don’t know me.

Inspired by the scents in his office, Ridge Burns writes about being the aroma of Christ.


James Nakamura wonders if there is something about Christ that we can take from action heroes.

Highways and Bi-Ways

I may not agree with them, but I sure go out and pick them.

Your Host

I offer you a post that defends the sanctity of Jewish Life and the Christian’s right to defend that Jew’s status as a human.

And on my personal blog I gave some reasons why we shouldn’t have been voting for Obama while knowing that he was going to win anyway.

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