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Christian Carnival 2012: November Issue

Here now is the Christian Carnival. I’ve gotten the submissions for October. I’ve organized the links. And besides some scheduling hiccups due to storms and the Mayans probably being correct, I now proceed with the show. More about the Carnival over yon. And the archives are over here, on the Bible Archive.

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Christian Carnival 423 (Maybe)

If my ducks are all properly lined up, this would be the 423rd Edition of the Christian Carnival. You can check out other Carnivals (if the links are still live) AND instructions for getting into the Carnival here at the repository or at the submission form. I didn’t come up with a cool theme for…

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Christian Carnival 297 is UP

Christian Carnival 297 is up at Thinking Christian. My post that argues for the Holy Spirit’s work being confirmed in the community is on there. Other posts that were good or caught my eye (without stating that I necessarily agree with them) are: Signs of Forgiveness (Jeremy Pierce) Evidences for the Empty Tomb (Thinking Christian)…

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Christian Carnival 291 is Up

The Christian Carnival (291) is up at Barry’s Blog called Who Am I? I haven’t gotten a chance to look through it to see what would catch my eye, but I do know that my post on Christian Ideals and the Reality of Sin is in there. I’ve also made sure to list it in…

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