Christian Carnival 298

Welcome to the October 14, 2009 edition of Christian carnival. Since posts haven’t been showing up in the normal Carnival Archive I’ve decided to collect them on my site, so you can find past Carnival’s right here. I rejected a couple of posts that looked like spam so if you think you were snubbed, let me know.

Josh Mann presents Treasure-filled Jars of Clay: The True Prosperity Gospel posted at for the Sake of Truth. He makes a good point but I personally would want to balance it with the worth of the earthly tent; but that would likely detract from Josh’s main point to which I say Amen!

Greg Chaney presents a really touching post called  Hey, I Love You posted at the practical CHRISTian.

Shawn Mathis presents Lessons from the Reformation posted at Aspiring PolyMathis, saying, “Originally written and published in a Denver newspaper.”

FMF presents The Money Back Guarantee posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “A church’s interesting challenge to its members.”

John presents The Nobel Prize: An Act of Grace posted at Brain Cramps for God, saying, “It is not often we see such a clear example of grace – unmerited favor – in such a central spot on the world’s stage”

NCSue presents Ban the bells? posted at IN HIM WE LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING.

Tiffany Partin presents Life Stinks! posted at Fathom Deep: Sounding the Depths of God.

hall monitor presents N.Y. School District Agrees to Pay Student $1 for Refusing to Allow Bible Club posted at, saying, “Student wins right to host Bible Club at school!”

Ken Brown presents The Sources of The Lord of the Rings posted at C. Orthodoxy, saying, “A tongue-in-cheek analysis of the mythical sources behind The Lord of the Rings.” These sorts of things crack me up.

Ashok presents Establishment: “On As sad as the scent of smoked fish,” by Ario Farin posted at Rethink., saying, “A commentary on a poem that involves a close reading of the Genesis passage describing Jacob’s ladder.”

Shannon Christman presents Can A Program Honor God without Talking Specifically about Jesus? posted at The Minority Thinker, saying, “The local pregnancy care center has decided to stop offering abstinence education programs in public schools, saying these programs don’t fit the center’s mission to offer Christ-centered services. Did they make the right decision?”

For His Glory presents To Understand posted at For His Glory, saying, “Did you know God has invited us to understand Him in and through every situation?”

Barry Wallace presents I, too, thank God for C.S. Lewis posted at who am i?, saying, “I could never express my gratitude for C.S. Lewis nearly as eloquently as John Piper does here, but I have a sneaky suspicion that the depth of my gratitude may very well rival his”

michelle presents 10.10.09 posted at Thoughts and Confessions of a Girl Who Loves Jesus….

Ridge Burns presents Belonging posted at Ridge’s Blog.

Andrea @ Unfailingly Loved presents Persevering Despite Obstacles posted at Unfailingly Loved.

Henry Neufeld makes a good point about generic Sunday School materials and targeting it more in Talk about the Method posted at Participatory Bible Study Blog, saying, “We need to talk more about method in Sunday School classes and small groups.” He

Jody Neufeld presents Running after Jesus posted at Jody’s Devotionals, saying, “Sometimes God acts in ways we might understand, but we need to keep running after him.”

Weekend Fisher presents Would the early Christian church have accepted any writing? posted at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength, saying, “Weekend Fisher works on a series rebutting common arguments against the New Testament. This post considers the argument that the early church would have accepted anything — and the plentiful evidence against it.”

Jeremy Pierce presents Bill Mounce on Translations posted at Parableman, saying, “This post highlights some recent posts by Bill Mounce on different Bible translations and translation philosophies.”

Lastly, I (Rey Reynoso) present a ridiculously long post on how the Holy Spirit actually works in the New Creation. It’s opinionated, obnoxious, and likely offensive to folk who wait for soft still voices and what-not. I blame the author.

Well, that concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of christian carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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