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Christian Carnival 344

Welcome to Christian Carnival 344. Some of the posts submitted this week were outside of the specified time frame but I included them anyway at the bottom of the post. For past Christian Carnivals, you can look through the archive located here at the Bible Archive.  

Joe Plemon presents Dealing With Disaster: Lessons From Job posted at Personal Finance By The Book

We can’t avoid storms in our lives, but we can learn from Job how to not only to cope with but learn from those storms.

Jim Klingenberger presents Flesh vs Faith Part 4: The Antidote posted at Xulonjam’s Blog.

I want to look now at the New Testament passages which use Flesh in its ethical meaning. As I mentioned before, The Bible does not teach the body=evil/spiritual=good dichotomy which was common in Greek thought and whose influence is still around today. Also, it is easy to think of “Flesh” in terms of our expression, “the sins of the flesh”. That is, we think of the physical manifestations of the commitment which the Bible calls “Flesh”. In reality, the Bible’s ethical use of “flesh” involves the whole person, mind as well as body; indeed it begins with the mind.

michelle presents Changes posted at Thoughts and Confessions of a Girl Who Loves Jesus…

Life is sweet right now.

Crystal Rodli presents Authentic Christianity or Genuine Compromise? posted at In A Clay Pot.

People won’t talk to me if they have no reason to think I can relate to any of their struggles. I can’t be an example of what it looks like to follow Christ in adversity if I pretend like I have none. My Christianity has little value to anyone else if I am unwilling to be vulnerable enough to share my hurts, doubts, questions, and attitudes.

Barry Wallace presents One Thing posted at who am i?,

Is God Himself the one thing that I really desire and long for?

Rodney Olsen presents Workers Needed — Immediate Start posted at Beyond Belief.

If we read widely online and keep an eye on the media we can get the impression that fewer and fewer people are interested in spiritual matters and that even those interested in some kind of spirituality certainly don’t want anything to do with Jesus, yet Jesus says that the harvest is plentiful. Was that only the situation in Jesus’ time?

Mike Vogt presents 10 Unintentionally Hilarious Christian Music Videos posted at Christian Colleges Online. Scott Yi presents Wanted: Heroes of the Church posted at Sacred Raisin Cakes

The American church right now is being crushed into irrelevancy because of counterproductive solutions and compartmentalized lifestyles. What must be done to give the church back its true face?

Andrew presents Grievance. posted at Rely on God in your personal development. – New Blog.

Unfortunately grievance finds its place in the heart of any man. There is no person on earth who has never been offended. In varying degrees, sin of non mercy affects everyone.

Jeremy Pierce presents Crusade Colonies? posted at Parableman,

Were the so-called Crusade Colonies or Crusade Kingdoms examples of colonialism?

Russ White presents Eliminating Risk | Thinking in Christ posted at Thinking in Christ.

America has become a wasteland of risk avoidance, especially for children. We protect our children from risk completely. Helmets on bicycles, no swing sets, no backyard swimming pools, very few people boat any longer, camping is only within the realm of very modern equipment and the utmost in safety, no failing grades at school, no bullying, no… Well, just flat no risk. No matter where the modern child turns, there is success no matter what course they take, and no matter how well they actually do at any particular task.

Philip Carlson presents Importance of Apologetics posted at Science and Theology in Apposition.

Most Christians seem to not be intellectually involved with their faith. They feel that faith is contrary to reason. This view, known as fideism, was defended by Pascal and Kierkegaard among others. While I do think Pascal’s wager should help to sway many who are on the fence I do not agree with Pascal that the proofs for God’s existence are irrelevant.

I, Rey Reynoso, your host here at the Bible Archive, offer a reformulation of a VBS lesson in Teaching Children the Value of Humans.

The problem is that there is no way that a VBS program is going to prove foundational in establishing a robust response to naturalistic atheistic evolutionary theory (NAET)—it’s just not going to happen. Just in terms of logistics, there are more resources and time being put forward in establishing NAET which some 5 days (if you’re lucky in having all the kids come back for each day) won’t be able to match.

Posts that really shouldn’t be included due to time frame, but I allowed them:

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