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The True Vine

by Steve Hulshizer

In a ?twinkling of an eye? this beautiful world came under a
curse. Like Lucifer before him, the man who was created in God?s image and placed
over His creation rebelled, being dissatisfied with the position and provisions his
Creator God had given him. Everything under Adam was affected by his fall. The woman would
bring forth her children in sorrow. The earth came under a curse and thorns and thistles
marred the beauty of God?s creation. Man now had to labor for his needed bread.

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The Danger Of Being Gifted

Steve Hulshizer

It is a wonderful thing to be enabled of the Holy Spirit to serve the Lord. (I Cor.
12:4-11) However, there are dangers associated with being gifted, as the flesh would
always seek to glorify itself.



Steve Hulshizer

Touch a man’s wallet and you have touched a nerve. When Jesus challenged the rich young
ruler to part with his money it struck a nerve. The young man apparently did not realize
the grip his money had upon him until he was confronted with giving it away. (Lk.
18:22-23) So it is with many of us. We do not always realize how much we trust in riches,
and how much importance we place on money. Money gives us a sense of security; however,
Scripture would teach us that riches have wings, and really provide very little security.
(Prov. 23:5)


Praying For The Sick

By Steve Hulshizer

Much of the typical mid-week prayer meeting is taken up with praying for those who are sick, or suffering in some way. The list is usually long, and if we take in those outside our own local assembly the list can get very large. There are many of the Lord’s people who are going through trials of various kinds and intensity. Many are physical difficulties, while others are related to other circumstances of life.

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The Gracious Editorial Ministry of God

By Keith R. Keyser

When I was a college student, learning the fundamental principles of historical research and writing the need for editing in writing was stronger impressed upon me. One of my professors-who himself had authored several historical books and countless articles-maintained that even the best authors write numerous drafts. Many times I was grateful for conscientious proofreaders who made necessary corrections to my various research papers before the assignments were submitted to the merciless professors, waiting to “red line” the contents! Not only did such editing improve my writing and avert a bad grade, it also preserved me from the embarrassment of having mistakes recorded on file for years to come. Imagine the President of the United States delivering an inaugural address without having someone first correcting grammatical mistakes; the errors would permanently reflect on the chief executive. If editorial work is important in the educational, professional, and political worlds, how much more valuable it is in spiritual things.