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Why is it that the strong can prey on the weak and the rich can grow fat off the poverty-stricken while these can do nothing but pay alms to their better offs by sweating their last remaining strength and their enemies stand? Why is it that one can sing songs and pray prayers while remaining aloof in their thoughts and their actions are drenched in violence, with lofty words in their prayers and a loud tune on their lips?How is it possible that a man can live while constantly wrestling with the man he lives with? Why is it necessary for a man to struggle all of his days with himself. Consider it.

There is no goodness within me, my body wastes away, my mind melts within me: the man I am betrays me.

But Lord God, you are faithfully loving and you have formed me; even in my weakness, your thoughts dwell upon me: the man you wish me to be is ever before you.

The battle is fierce but you are a near help in times of trouble. This constant wrestling is dire but you live with the man who carries on. The songs are lofty and the prayers are prayed yet you will rise and take action: you will purge one of violence, of loftiness, of prideful sin.

The enemy will not stand and the poor will be made strong for you are a helper in time of need: You are good and you have plan for the man you wish him to be. We will consider it.

Inspired by Lingamish’s Cyber-Psalms

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